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The Ten Hottest Jobs in the USA

1. Network systems and data communications analyst

Job description: Design, test and build networks for businesses, including data, e-mail and voice-mail systems.
Education Requirement: Bachelor's degree in computer science, computer engineering or information technology.
Average salary: $60,600

2. Physician assistant

Job description: Work under a doctor's supervision to help fulfil many tasks that the physician may not have time to handle. Things such as taking medical histories, writing prescriptions, giving patient exams and ordering lab tests - this is not a nursing position and does not involve giving injections or aiding patients with medical issues, it's purely administrative.
Education Requirement: Bachelor's Degree plus a two-year physician-assistant program. Must pass a license exam.
Average salary: $69,410

3. Software Applications engineer

Job description: Application programming in one or more programming languages to analyze, develop and maintain computer applications.
Education Requirement: Bachelor's in computer science or software engineering
Median salary: $79,930

4. Systems Engineer (Systems Analyst)

Job description: Configures, installs and maintains entire computer systems. May also set up a company's intranet and handle security issues.
Degree: Bachelor's in computer science, computer information systems or software engineering
Median salary: $79,740

5. Network and computer systems administrator

Job description: Run a business's on-site help desk for computer matters.
Degree: Bachelor's, or good experience and ability to work with computers reliably.
Median salary: $58,190

6. Database administrator

Job description: Administrator for corporate networks, intranets databases
Degree: Bachelor's degree in computer science, information science or management information systems. Many employers seek workers with a master's of business administration (MBA).
Median salary: $60,650

7. Physical therapist

Job description: Help people suffering from injuries or disease by administering physical treatments and exercises. These types of positions are growing rapidly due to America's ageing population.
Degree: Bachelor's and accredited physical therapy educational program. Must pass a licensing exam.
Median salary: $60,180

8. Medical scientist

Job description: Conduct biomedical research either for universities, pharmaceutical research firms, or the government and/or government funded clinics.
Degree: PhD in a biological science
Median salary: $61,320

9. Occupational therapist

Job description: Working with people who have mental or physical handicaps with daily tasks such as bathing and dressing, as well as teaching them skills such as using a computer and problem solving.
Degree: Master's required beginning in 2007. Must pass licensing exams.
Median salary: $54,660

10. College instructor

Job description: Teach classes in colleges and universities for academic and vocational subjects. Prepare lectures, grade exams and advise students.
Degree: Master's required for entry-level jobs. PhD required for tenure-track positions. Median salary: $51,800


Temporary Work Agencies Hottest Jobs

America has many Temporary Employment agencies such as "Manpower". Manpower composes its own list of the top ten positions that companies in the USA are trying to staff. The current list is as follows:

Top Ten List according to Manpower
  1. Sales representative
  2. Teacher
  3. Mechanic
  4. Technician
  5. Management/executive
  6. Truck driver
  7. Driver/delivery
  8. Accountant
  9. Laborer
  10. Machine operator

Temporary work agencies

The most Popular American temporary work agencies are listed below. These are good places to start out if you are really in need of a job quickly and do not have the time to wait months for interviewing and hiring procedures. Temp agencies can often put you to work in days!

1 Net-Temps Online recruiting service for temporary workers.
2 ManPower One of the largest temporary agencies in the USA with offices in over 60 countries.
3 Aquent IT, Healthcare, Consulting, Financial Services temps.
4 Office Team Administrative temps
5 Kelly Services US Temporary services including staff leasing
6 Randstad US Large International contract staffing organization.
7 Labor Ready Labor Services Ltd Unskilled and semi-skilled workers
8 Adecco US Multi-sector staffing solutions
9 American Staffing Association The official voice of the US staffing industry
10 Aerotek Professional and technical staff