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Preparing Yourself to Work in the USA

What you need to do

Skilled jobs are the best for the immigrant. The best pay, the best working conditions, the best lifestyle.

Laboratory TechnicianTo have the best chance of finding rewarding work in the USA, you should possess some unique skills or at least skills that are very much in demand. At the lower levels, some of the most common work done by young foreigners is work as "Au Pairs" and "Camp Counselors". For these position, young people work with children in America. The pay is not very high by American standards, but the experience is valuable, and it looks very good on a resume both in the USA and abroad. It also helps to greatly improve your language and cross-cultural skills.

Before you try to emigrate to the USA, you should have know what prospective employers would like to see, so that you can fill their needs. This would always guarantee you the best chance to find that job in America.

Research it yourself.

One way to find out exactly what employers are looking for is by searching the job advertisements - this site provides you with many links to search and see where the greatest demand is. See what jobs are offering to help with Visas; see which types of advertisements appear most frequently.

Some of the most in-demand skilled positions are in technology, health care, the energy sector and financial services. There are skills that you can learn relatively quickly that are in great demand in the USA - so be prepared with your education and experience. We will give more tricks and tips how to get work in the USA on these pages - plenty of people do it, and we have helped!

What are your marketable skills?

What is your education, experience and level of spoken and written English? Do you want to do the same job in the USA that you do now? There is still competition for the best jobs in the USA, so a skills assessment is in order. Do you have:

  • A degree or certificate in the area you wish to find work?
  • Have you had any specialized training?
  • Do you have experience? International Experience?
  • Do you have important industry contacts?
  • Is there significant demand for the skills you have?

Some sectors are hiring significantly more people than others. See our section on the hot sectors for immigrant employment.


What kind of workers are people looking for?


Check the job advertisements to see what employers are looking for. Try to use the same types of keywords and descriptions in your résumé. Before you start sending out your résumé, make sure you have a good familiarity with the job market and the local terminology. You will only get one chance to get a recruiter to read your résumé. Once they see the name a second time, they will rarely read through an 'old' résumé again.

Make it count. If you are serious about finding work in the USA, then you should seriously consider hiring a professional resume writer - from the USA and especially one who is experienced writing résumés for your type of work. See our page on résumés for more information and to download a simple résumé template.