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What do we know about finding work abroad?

My name is Daniel Thomas. I have placed hundreds of people in jobs all over the world. In my business, we craft expert Resumes (CVs), present people to clients and land them high paying consulting positions in the United States, Europe and Asia. It is not always easy.

Over the years, I have learned exactly what it takes to find a job in another country. It looks easy for some, but it is always hard work. There are always opportunities for a hard working person - but sometimes it is difficult to find your first opportunity and get your foot on the first step of the career ladder.

Opportnity abounds

In the United States it is estimated that there are some one million nursing jobs available. That number is sure to rise as the US population ages and more people find themselves in need of medical or health services.

The boom in IT and the pervasiveness of technology means that there will always be plenty of tech jobs to go around. There are networks everywhere - not just in large organizations, but these days everyone from the law office on the corner to the local real estate agency and even the grocers has some sort of IT system, network and connection to the Internet. They probably all even have their own webpages too.

The importance of your resume

Your resume is your advertising.

A good resume will not get you a job, but it can win you an interview - which is what it is supposed to do! Then you must win over the potential employer and after that, you can show them your stuff and advance your career.
Don't be afraid to start low

Some people get lucky and step right into a great high-paying postion. Often, you will need to start lower and accept a job that others may shy away from. The important thing is to get started - then you can work your way up.

America has many Temporary Employment agencies such as "Manpower". Manpower composes its own list of the top ten positions that companies in the USA. We have a list of them here. Often, these can be a launching pad into a career. Nobody wants to work in a temporary agency for long, just enough to find something really interesting. Temporary employment agencies can often put you into a top company who would never look at your resume otherwise... then if you perform well and work hard, they might even take you on as a permanent employee. This happens all the time. Don't turn up your nose at any offers - work hard, give it your best shot and GOOD LUCK!